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At NG Property Management, we understand that buying or selling a property is a significant decision. A thorough building inspection is a crucial step in the process, providing you with valuable insights into the property’s condition. Whether you’re a potential buyer seeking peace of mind or a seller aiming to enhance your property’s marketability, our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Pre-Sale Building Inspection services are designed to empower you with accurate and comprehensive information.
NGPM, NG Property Management, Wellington Rental Manager, Wellington Property Manager, building inspections
NGPM, NG Property Management, Wellington Rental Manager, Wellington Property Manager, building inspection, renovation

Our Building Inspection Process

At NG Property Management, our building inspection process is rigorous and thorough. Our experienced inspectors meticulously assess every aspect of the property, providing you with an easy-to-understand inspection report. This comprehensive report outlines the condition of the property, identifies any defects, and includes photographic evidence for clarity.

Choose Us For Building Inspections

As a trusted provider of Building Inspections, NG Property Management is committed to delivering high-quality services to our valued clients. Our inspectors have a keen eye for detail, and their expertise ensures that no corner of the property is left unchecked. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, a Building Inspection is a crucial step in the process. Schedule your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection or Pre-Sale Building Inspection with NG Property Management today. Contact us to book an inspection and gain the knowledge you need to make confident property decisions. Let us help you uncover the true condition of your property and embark on your real estate journey with clarity and assurance.


Purchasing a property is a major investment, and our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection ensures that you make an informed decision. Our qualified and experienced building inspectors conduct a detailed assessment of the property’s structure, foundation, roofing, plumbing, electrical systems, and more. The key benefits of our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection include:

Revealing Hidden Issues

Our inspection uncovers any concealed defects or potential problems that may not be visible to the untrained eye. This knowledge allows you to negotiate repairs or factor potential costs into your purchasing decision.

Negotiation Power

Armed with a comprehensive inspection report, you have the leverage to negotiate the purchase price or request repairs before finalizing the deal.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing the true condition of the property provides peace of mind, reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises after the purchase.

Budget Planning

The inspection report helps you plan for future maintenance and repairs, ensuring you can budget effectively for the upkeep of the property.


As a seller, a Pre-Sale Building Inspection can be a powerful marketing tool. By proactively addressing any issues identified in the inspection, you can present your property in the best possible light to potential buyers. The advantages of our Pre-Sale Building Inspection include:

Increased Buyer Confidence

A pre-inspected property inspires confidence in potential buyers, demonstrating your commitment to transparency and honesty.

Faster Sales Process

Addressing any maintenance or repair needs before listing the property can expedite the sales process.

Accurate Pricing

Knowledge of the property's condition allows you to set a fair and accurate asking price, taking into account any necessary repairs.

Minimized Negotiations

By addressing issues upfront, you reduce the likelihood of price negotiations based on unexpected findings from a buyer's inspection.