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Frequently Asked Questions


A property manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a rental property on behalf of the owner. This includes finding tenants, collecting rent, handling maintenance, and ensuring legal compliance.

We only charge a management fee of 6.99% of the rent collected and a one-time letting fee of $649.

These fees are exclusive of GST

Benefits include saving time, finding qualified tenants, handling maintenance, ensuring legal compliance, and reducing stress associated with property management.

Property managers find tenants through advertising, online listings, referrals, and conducting tenant screenings.

The typical lease duration is 12 months, but it can vary depending on local laws and rental market conditions.

NG Property Management combines local market knowledge, a professional team of experienced property managers, and a comprehensive suite of services. This approach ensures properties are well-cared for and rental incomes are maximized, distinguishing NGPM as a premier choice in Wellington Region.

NGPM meticulously vets property managers for their expertise in the Wellington real estate market, excellence in customer service, and proven track record. This dedication ensures that each property is matched with a manager who understands the owner’s specific needs.

The portfolio at NGPM includes a diverse range of properties, from residential homes and apartments to Airbnb rentals, offering tailored management solutions for any property type.

The rental management process at NGPM is designed for efficiency and peace of mind, covering everything from market analysis for optimal pricing to marketing, tenant screening, lease management, and maintenance, ensuring profitability and excellent property upkeep.

NGPM offers comprehensive services including tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, regular inspections, and financial reporting, aimed at providing a hassle-free ownership experience.

NGPM provides a full-service Airbnb management solution that includes everything from listing creation and professional photography to pricing optimization, guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance, aimed at increasing occupancy rates and guest satisfaction.

Choosing NGPM ensures efficient management of your property, leading to reduced vacancies, increased rental income, and peace of mind thanks to their expertise in legal compliance, market trends, and property upkeep.

With a proactive maintenance approach and a network of trusted contractors, NGPM ensures timely repairs and maintenance. Their 24/7 availability for emergencies ensures that both property and tenants are always well taken care of.

NGPM offers transparent and competitive pricing with various plans based on required services, ensuring clients receive value for money without hidden costs. Fees can be discussed in detail during a consultation.

Initiating services with NGPM is straightforward. Interested property owners are encouraged to contact NGPM through their website or via phone to schedule a consultation, during which NGPM will understand the owner’s needs, assess the property, and propose a tailored management plan.