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Preparing Your Rental Property for Summer: Tips for Landlords

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time for landlords to ensure their rental properties are ready for the warmer months. Proper preparation can help keep your tenants comfortable and your property in excellent condition. In this guide, we’ll explore essential tips for getting your rental property summer-ready.

1. Air Conditioning and Ventilation:

In New Zealand, summers can bring scorching temperatures. If your property doesn’t have air conditioning, consider installing cooling solutions like ceiling fans or portable air conditioners in living areas and bedrooms. Ensure that windows and doors have screens to keep insects out while allowing fresh air in.

2. Check the Roof and Gutters:

Inspect the roof for any loose or damaged shingles and repair them promptly. Clean the gutters to prevent blockages, as summer often brings sudden rain showers.

3. Landscaping and Garden Maintenance:

Summer is when outdoor spaces are most appreciated. Ensure that the garden is well-maintained, lawns are mowed, and any dead or overgrown vegetation is removed. A well-kept outdoor area can enhance your property’s appeal.

4. Pool and Outdoor Furniture:

If your property has a swimming pool, ensure it’s cleaned, treated, and ready for use. Provide pool maintenance instructions for tenants. If there’s outdoor furniture, check for any damage or wear and tear and replace or repair as needed.

5. Pest Control:

Warmer weather often leads to increased pest activity. Arrange for professional pest control services to prevent infestations of insects such as ants, flies, and mosquitoes.

6. Safety Checks:

Summer means more outdoor activities. Ensure that safety features like fences, handrails, and outdoor lighting are in good condition to prevent accidents.

7. BBQ and Outdoor Entertaining:

If your property has a BBQ or outdoor entertaining area, ensure it’s clean and functioning correctly. Provide guidelines on safe and responsible use.

8. Insulation and Ventilation:

Check the property’s insulation to ensure it’s effective in both hot and cold weather. Proper insulation can keep the property cool during hot summer days.

9. Review the Tenancy Agreement:

If you’re considering implementing any seasonal rules, such as pool safety guidelines or specific garden maintenance expectations, review and update the tenancy agreement accordingly.

10. Communication:

Open lines of communication with your tenants. Provide information on property-specific summer tips, such as how to care for the garden, pool, or outdoor furniture. Encourage tenants to report any maintenance issues promptly.


Preparing your rental property for summer is not only considerate to your tenants but also helps protect your investment. A comfortable and well-maintained property can lead to satisfied tenants who are more likely to stay long-term.

Disclaimer: This blog offers general advice for preparing rental properties for summer in New Zealand. Specific requirements may vary depending on your property’s location and unique features. Always consult local regulations and consider seeking professional advice when necessary.

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